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Benefits & Many uses of Counting Bears for Toddlers

They each rolled a die, put that number of bears on the frame, and then chose a different color of bears to fill in the rest of the frame. Finally, they wrote an addition problem to show an answer up to ten. For example, rolling a 3 would mean putting three bears of one color on the frame and putting on 7 bears of another color. We like to do a lot of simple graphing activities. You can get your own free graph by clicking HERE. I created 25 bear counter pattern strips for preschoolers.

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You can get them in this post. I wrote a whole post about these fun problem solving cards. Half are green. Two are red. You have the same number of blue bears as red bears. What bears do you have? Visit this post to learn more and get your free printable.

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All rights reserved. Hi, I have a question. Should I keep pushing to see if he will get used to it or do home school? I have home schooled three of my six in the past so it is an option for me. I worry that he would not be getting enough social experience but I also wonder if that is just a myth? He plays with friends and we go to church every week. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi Gretchen! Some kids need that period of adjustment to start enjoying school. I think that the benefits of a positive homeschooling experience would outweigh that. Even with a wonderful parochial school, I still dream about it!

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Wow, these are wonderful activities! Thanks so much! These look great!

I was just thinking about ordering some counting bears for Pooky. Found this by Tuesday Tots. This is a great idea.

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Especially the patterns on step 5. Taking a print out of those.

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But my daughter who has just turned 3 does not get patterns as yet. Wonder when she will be ready for this?

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  • So it could be a while for her too! Thanks for the problem solving cards! What a great way to keep using the bears throughout the years. Hello Anna loved the ideas I really enjoyed the bear counting pattern strips. How do I get a copy of them? Use it with our color dice, bear train extension kit or with number cards. Great for bath time too! The counting bears can be used for Montessori, pre-math and as occupational therapy toys. They make for one amazing addition to your childs learning toy collection.

    Kids will become masters at this kids color sorting activity as well as mathematics. Watch as they grow, learn and play at the same time. Can be used for kids math games for toddlers. Not intended for those who still place objects in their mouth. Bears are 1" tall.