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Creating Connections See the broad variety and growing number of currently designated opportunities for Students, Faculty and Staff, as well as how to create new ones. Allison Plattsmier "ThinkAchieve instilled in me a lust for learning and creative problem solving, eventually leading me to pursue my Ed.

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Grace Mcpherson "ThinkAchieve nurtured a growth mindset. Unfortunately, most people let negative thoughts and lack of belief have the upper hand. It is not enough just to want to be successful, happy or rich. You need to know exactly what you want, you should strongly believe that you can achieve it, you should have a strong desire, and you should do something to start the first step and then persevere until you attain what you set your mind to gain.

You may spend time every day daydreaming about starting a business and achieving success. You may repeat affirmations and visualize your goal, and you may repeatedly visualize how your business is prospering.

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However, if you do not believe what you are thinking, affirming or visualizing, and if you do not have a strong desire, what you want will remain as a dream and never become a reality. You need to know exactly what you want and be sure of this, so that you do not have doubts and uncertainty lurking at the back of your mind and sabotaging your efforts.

You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desire brings weak results, just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat. I have written articles and books on the mental tools that can help you achieve success. Among these tools are creative visualization and affirmations. If you want more advice, guidance and instructions, consider reading the books, Visualize and Achieve Your Dreams , and Affirmations — Words of Power. There was something that kept me going even though I should have probably slept and rested more as a year-old.

I thought I had all the time in the world to do these various activities. I managed to achieve them all.

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Then came the last year of high school. There, I decided to focus on 2 primary things and not many others. These were the final exams that would determine if I am going to study medicine and Vienna medical school admission exams that would determine where I would study it.

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I finished playing basketball and I was no longer educating myself in music. I thought I was incredibly busy and unable to do any other things. The outcome was medicine in Slovenia. So here comes the first year of studying medicine. I looked back and saw this pattern that showed me something. Even though I had so much more time during my high school years, I failed to achieve all of my goals.

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I first came across Parkinson's Law on a random rainy day going to school, routinely listening to 4-Hour Work Week audiobook. Parkinson's Law basically says that the shorter the amount of time allotted to a specific goal, the more important it is and the less complex you will make it for yourself to complete. It's just a fancy naming for something that happens to all of us. To put it in words, if you have a deadline for an essay tomorrow, you will be more efficient in doing it.

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This means that you will be more focused on achieving your goal and you will make it as easy for yourself as possible. This works incredibly well for deadlines set to you by others, especially if strict. So the amount of work that you have to do, either many activities to do, many deadlines to follow will largely affect your productivity, but even more your efficiency. Efficiency is nothing else than being productive with doing the right things.

Deadlines, set by yourself or others, will force you to select the truly important and stick to those and achieve them. Parkinson's Law works.

But the true benefit of it is using it to your advantage. This means setting strict goals for yourself. But we're not particularly good at setting strict goals and following through, right? This is partly evolutionary based. This meant that we didn't need any plans, nor any deadlines. We didn't need to plan how we are going to develop personally, because we had other things to worry about. When we were hungry we ate, when there was danger we ran and our decisions had an immediate effect on our lives. We were either hungry or dead in that case. But during the last years or so, there was a sudden change.

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  8. Suddenly, our society developed a safe environment, where we don't need to run anymore. Where survival is not questionable and we can focus on other things. The human brain, developed to function in an immediate return environment, suddenly had to start functioning in a completely different society. In a society where in order to "level-up" one has to invest in the development of new skills beforehand.

    And then also be patient and wait for results. This is called the "delayed return environment".