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On the girls side, Kosuri develops a canonical girl-crush on Ayame by episode 12, when she openly gropes her while they're in the furo. Ayame is visibly shown to be put-off by her advances and protests the entire time. In Tamako Market , Midori has a crush on her female friend, the main character, Tamako. There's an episode where she gets jealous of Tamako's chemistry with her male childhood friend, Mochizou, and tries to sabotage their relationship for her own sake.

In the end, she reluctantly accepts that Tamako isn't homosexual and stops getting between Tamako and Mochizou who go on to be an Official Couple. Tooru Mutsuki in Tokyo Ghoul is a trans male with feelings for Kaneki, a cis male, who is in love with Touka. Unfortunately for him Seiliez is shown to be straight considering his crush on Ishtar. However this can also be subverted for it is hinted later on that Laphiji and Seiliez do begin a sexual relationship Wandering Son : Makoto has fallen for several boys and adult men , however the current object of her affections is her ignorant and immature friend who is Oblivious to Love.

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One of the reasons Chiba's crush on Nitori is unrequited, aside from her lack of romantic feelings for Chiba, is because she loves her due to seeing her as a boy. Even though Chiba appeared supportive of Nitori's interest in wearing women's clothing at first, it's later revealed to be because she saw it as a "girly phase" and that Nitori was just a boy who happened to like crossdressing. This of course is not the case. This is also the reason she's so jealous of Takatsuki whom Nitori has feelings for - because she doesn't understand why Nitori could choose him over her even though they are both female, when Takatsuki is similarly transgender.

Questionable - although Yachiyo is utterly devoted to Kyouko and would almost certainly be willing. There is no direct evidence that they have ever been lovers or that either have ever had lesbian sex with anyone. In Yurika's Campus Life , this is played to almost ridiculous levels. The titular character considers herself straight, and while men do find her beautiful, they are unable to be attracted to her sexually. Other women on the other hand, even those that believed themselves straight find her extremely sexually attractive.


Yuureitou : Tetsuo is a straight trans man. He's noted that it is hard being romantic as women get turned off when they learn his biological sex. His Only Friend Amano has a crush on him, originally because he was attracted to him as a boyish woman , but later he began seeing him as male and liking him as such.

It turns out Tetsuo is actually bisexual , though he simply didn't acknowledge it until meeting Amano , and they end up the Official Couple.

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Tetsuo's mother once tried to marry him off to a man. Tetsuo refused because he didn't like men, though stated that he wanted to be like brothers with his fiance. When he told his fiance of his dislike of being female and his lack of interest in men, he ended up confused. When they meet several years later, he still considers Tetsuo his fiancee In the end, the guy passes away and as said above, Tetsuo and Amano stay together.

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Batman : Villain Two-Face has spent the better part of a decade being obsessed with Renee Montoya despite her lesbianism. In fact, it was one of his attempts to woo her that ended up outing her in the first place.

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Renee Montoya, by that time the new Question, was involved in another example, this time on the other side. Both in Birds of Prey and in the Question back-up feature in Detective Comics , Question teamed up repeatedly with Huntress, and it became quite clear that she was interested in Huntress Helena Bertinelli romantically.

The storyline never had time to develop very far before DC's "New 52" reboot, but Huntress had always been portrayed as straight, and was not even aware that Question was gay, at one point asking if she and the previous Question, Vic Sage, had been lovers. Runaways : Lipstick Lesbian Karolina spent much of the first two volumes pining for her best friend, Nico, who was a little shocked when K finally tried to kiss her.

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After beginning a relationship with shapeshifting Skrull Xavin, who takes on the form of a human girl , Karolina loses romantic interest in Nico. Then again, this hasn't stopped them having Ship Tease moments since. The straight male Chase was clearly interested in Karolina in the early issues.

He and Nico eventually got paired off with, respectively, Gertrude and Alex. Neither pairing ended well. Northstar once had a crush on Iceman. It didn't take him long to realize it would never happen, since in his own words "He's straight. End of story. Ironically, that fan speculation turned out to be dead on, since Iceman was outed as gay a few years later. Subverted in Exiles : Morph had a crush on teammate Sunfire without realizing she was a lesbian.

When she made The Reveal , he accepted it wholeheartedly and continued to act as a brother figure to her, even supporting her relationship with Spider-Woman. Well, accepted it wholeheartedly after giving the " Hey, I'm a shapeshifter, I can do lesbian " line a shot But Kennedy, another lesbian Slayer, dissuades Satsu from pursuing a relationship with her. Because she claims that ultimately, Buffy is straight. It also turns out that the whole reason she's such a pariah at the NYPD is because she turned down the commissioner's advances while unaware that she was within range of a microphone.

Blackhawk : When Lady Blackhawk joined the Birds of Prey , she began nursing a crush on Creote, the muscular, deadly, Russian ex-special forces soldier who is the partner of Savant, the not-quite-irredeemable villain that Oracle is trying to rehabilitate into a good guy. Everybody knows that Creote is in love with Savant, except for Savant himself , but nobody quite gets around to letting Zinda in on this. When she finds out she is somewhat surprised. Tom Pearce never stood a chance with the object of his crush in Camelot Of course, it was further complicated by the Gender Bender nature of reincarnation.

In Supergirl story arc Crucible , Maxima lesbian has a crush on Supergirl straight. She goes as far as to confess her feelings because she needs to get it off her chest, but she's quite aware her love is and will always be unrequited. She explained the situation to him off-panel. Kevin is gay and has a boyfriend.

And then in the reboot comics , we have Sabrina falling for Jughead and even getting a date with him despite his reluctance. It fails miserably, however, as he is asexual and aromantic. There's also January Jones in an earlier comic, a future descendant of Archie come back in time in an imagine spot - she tries to kiss Jughead in thanks, but he pushes her off, though here he merely says that he's 'not into kissing girl Archies' which may have just been easier than trying to explain everything.

Played with in Fearless Defenders. Annabelle Riggs kisses Valkyrie, but Valkyrie doesn't seem to reciprocate. It initially seems like Valkyrie is giving Annabelle the cold shoulder because she's a lesbian, but it turns out that it's mostly because after thousands of years of being kissed, she simply doesn't view it as a significant or meaningful gesture. She even clarifies that she's been kissed by plenty of men and women throughout her lifetime.

Discussed in Circles. Paulie loves Mrs. Nussbaum as a dear friend and he comments, "Why, if I were straight Lady Death : Wargoth has nurtured romantic feelings for his longtime companion Satasha , despite him being aware of her orientation. Red Ears : The punchline to a comic where two men and a woman are sitting in a train cabin and the woman starts to agressively hit on one of the guys, who flatly ignores her advances. After she angrily storms off, the other guy asks him how he could possibly resist and notes that the woman turned him on so much that he's ready to jump a fly.

The first guy starts mimicking buzzing. In The Darkness , Jackie Estacato's brief sidekick Wenders is attracted to him and even offers his body so Jackie can get around his Can't Have Sex, Ever problem Jackie will die if he gets someone pregnant and they give birth, but Wenders is a man. Jackie is absolutely disgusted and says it's never going to happen. Comic Strips. Joanie Caucus from Doonesbury had a crush on Andy Lippincott, who turned out to be gay. She was with him when he died of AIDS. Earlier in their relationship she thinks he's married, but he reveals that's not the problem.

Andy: Joanie, I'm gay.

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Joanie: There's nothing wrong with that. I'm pretty cheerful myself most of the time. Andy: No, I mean Joanie: Oh my God. Germany and Japan thought Italy was this, thinking he was straight since he flirted with girls all the time. Turns out Italy is not straight, but bisexual. In the Mass Effect fic Another Realm , the protagonist Cieran and his friend Trena become Platonic Life-Partners largely as a result of this, as she prefers other asari.

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In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer fic Compelled , there was a subplot where Connor had a crush on Kennedy, who is both lesbian and taken. It mostly served to give him some Character Development. In The Knight's Consort , another Buffy the Vampire Slayer fic, Kennedy the Vampire Slayer a lesbian slowly falls in love with Xander not just a crush or a strong friendship, but actual romantic-poetry-flowers-and-schmaltzy songs love. Unfortuantely, the fact that he is male and has no interest in not being male keeps her from being attracted to him, or wanting to actually consummate their relationship beyond a single experimental kiss.

Evangelion : Jessika is lesbian and she likes Asuka. It does not help that Jessika already has a girlfriend. Needless to say the Engineer rejects him not helped along by the many atrocious acts that Spy commits over the course of the story , and the Spy ends up killing himself. In the Katawa Shoujo fanfic From Shizune's Perspective , which was written prior to the game's release, Shizune is bisexual and Misha is heterosexual, resulting in Misha rejecting Shizune's confession.

This becomes Harsher in Hindsight when you consider their backstory in the final game where Shizune is the one who rejects Misha. They later become best friends and Velvet goes so far as to become something of a motherly figure to her, and they settle for other ponies who they're compatible with. Notable in that it's Littlepip's feelings for Velvet that compel her to leave the Stable when Velvet runs away, so this trope actually sets off the plot.

Andrew admits that he's developed a crush on Ice Breaker well aware of the incredible likelihood of this trope being in force.